Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Purple and Red, McKeldin

What really struck me about this girl was the intensity of the hues she was wearing. I wonder what detergent she uses, because my clothes don't retain this kind of color. Oh and that white smudge is from the camera. I just got a Canon rebel for my birthday so higher quality pics should be up soon!

Cuff Links, Rockville

Mustafa, looking sharp as always.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break Move-out, Elkton

I ran into Belle sitting next to her luggage waiting for her mom to pick her up. Thought she looked pretty good just to be moving out of her dorm for the week.

My Stylish Roommate Again, New Leonardtown

I know I just posted a photo of her, but Sammi continues to impress me with her style. Had to take another.

Black Jacket, Bethesda

La Terpette goes on Spring Break... 6 stops up the Beltway

Dear readers,
          I wish I could tell you that I'm spending my spring break off in some exotic locale or a certain trashy, MTV-covered, over exposed city in Mexico (*cough* Cancun *cough* *cough* my best friends).  Seriously though, wish I were there, except I have the feeling that I wouldn't have much material worth posting because people wouldn't be wearing much to begin with.  So, I have elected to stay at home and work so I can afford my own trip in the near future, perhaps to someplace more stylish like Paris or Milan.  Happy St. Patty's Day!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Stylish Roomate, New Leonardtown

As you can tell, I've run into a lot of fashionable asian girls on campus recently.  After going to an all girl's high school and wearing a uniform everyday, Sammi has really taken advantage of the opportunity to express her urban sense of style.

Toro! Frat Row

Her t-shirt is from a vintage store and her necklaces are from Korea.

Mouse Flats, Tydyings

I like this girl's plum colored jacket with the leather wrist straps, but what I really wanted to show you were these...

... adorable marc jacobs flats :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Black Layers, McKeldin

Color Play, McKeldin

This girl isn't afraid to mix colors.  She rocks a gray scarf, navy jacket, red shirt, bright green shoulder bag, and brown boots. Is this a remarkably fashion-foward outfit? Probably not. But she looks great in it and it's a great example of color play.

Moran "Ughs", The Diamondback

Remember my first post on a certain Harry C. Moran? He's the brave soul who wore skinny white jeans (on a campus where few girls dare to wear them) and whom I compared to a look Victoria Beckham wore.  If  you don't remember, then here's that landmark first photo:

Well, seems Moran has written a witty guest editorial piece for The Diamondback called "Fashion Foward" that bemoans a perceived lack of style amongst University of Maryland's on-campus residents. This excerpt made me laugh:

"A common outfit for many girls -- when I see more than 15 people sporting a number of the same things, I call it common -- I saw during the mild winter we enjoyed was almost enough to lead me to projectile vomiting in hopes that it would destroy those clothes.  It consisted of (from head to toe) Chanel sunglasses, always the same make, black with the white double "C" on either side, then a bland, unexciting and utterly simple The North Face jacket, followed by their hands, where a Coach or Vera Bradley bag would hang limply on their wrists.  Every visible curve of their legs would be exposed because of the black tights pressed around their legs and then -- I'm sure you can guess this, the pièce de résistance -- the UGGs.  And that's a perfect way to end it: Ugh."

You can view the full text article here

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pea Coat Guy, Silver Spring

More guys should wear pea coats. Nuf said.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ladies in red, Cluck-U

I know this photo is a bit blurry but I've had it for some time and just didn't get around to posting it.  I love how put together these two are, and side by side they are great examples of different ways to use red in an outfit.  They are both dramatic and great for nighttime.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quite the Scholar, Tydings

This is a classic look that never fails and I love the frames.

Shady ladies by Key

Camille and her friends always project a european sense of style.  She's great at mixing crazy accessories.

Bad Boy, Book Exchange

I love the way he took this outfit a step above the typical t-shirt/hoodie
   combo and layered it with a nice button-up.

Back in Action

So I know it seems that I abandoned La Terpette for a while (which I did), but I'm back and refocused on my orginal mission: To share pictures of people that fight the overall tendency to be safe and go with the flow fashion wise, those who have a unique sense of style, or just look well put together in general.  Different areas of my life needed attention and this blog took a backseat to what I will simply refer to as "crazy time."  It didn't help that I gained a penchant for sleeping in and missing class, thus missing out on all the photo ops :{  Plus, I've switched it up and am now on blog spot, which makes things way easier as far as posting goes.  You can also expect to see a lot more pictures without drawn out postings because, ultimately, I know that's what you would rather see.  I'm also in the process reposting old pics and such for archive purposes.  Enjoy the new and improved La Terpette :)

       Ta-ta dahling,