Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Finally got myself a pair of colored tights which I wore to my Thanksgiving day feast.  I will not say anything about how much I ate except that there are no more leftovers ;)

Black zip up sweater- H&M, black tunic-Gallo Clothing ($7), beaded vest- thrifted, maroon tights- F21($5.80), cut-out oxfords- ($48), cuff- H&M

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Endless Possibilities

So it seems I can't just get dressed like a normal person anymore. Inevitably my mind starts wandering and I put together a gajillion variations until I end up going with the outfit I had in mind originally, which in this case was a super soft cardigan/ faux Minnetonkas I picked up at Rugged Wearhouse the other day. Who knew a place that traffics mainly in XXL Men's Southpole hoodies carried such goodies? 

Cardigan- Rugged Wearhouse($15), Suede booties- Rugged Wearhouse ($12), Yellow Tunic- Gallo Clothing ($7), tights- Target, tartan blazer- thrifted ($5), black blazer- H&M, Fur neck wrap- Gap, satin jacket- F21, Ikat print scarf- F21, suede over-the-knee boots- Chinese Laundry, Knit beanie- thrifted ($2), vest tunic- Rumors, Prada knockoffs- ($34)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beaded Vest/ Random Thoughts

I was out of town for a few days and am just getting everything  back together. This is a pretty casual outfit but I mainly wanted to post it because of the vest. It has this really nice beaded detail and pattern that reminds me of the gypsy-chic look from Gucci's Fall 08 line.  

There is nothing I don't love about these looks!  I suddenly find myself coveting a gold coin belt... it'll have to wait for now as my wallet is still hurting from recent online purchases (from F21 and urban outfitters to name a few).

Also wanted to post a pic of some recent thrift store purchases. I'm going to get the peach-colored dress hemmed to make it a mini and also get the jumpsuit taken in.  The silver shirt is a little sigfreid & roy, and, unlike their infamous tiger, I'm going to figure out how to "tame" it and make it wearable. 

1st pic: vest- thrifted, shirt- Rumors ($7), jeans- Seven4allmandkind, Flats- nine west ($20), Cuff- F21

Friday, November 14, 2008

Velvet Cut-out dress

I've been amassing a collection of vintage velvet dresses from the 80's and early 90's for some time now. I love the cut out back of this one and the little glass buttons that lead up to the neck. My neighbors must think i'm crazy by now because it is definetly freezing outside! The shoes are a little big but who cares.

Jacket- Zara, Dress- Vintage ($3), Leggings- F21, Accessories- F21, H&M, and my cousin, Shoes- Rainbow Stores ($20)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blue Jacket

These heels (forgive the blurry photo) are what I would have worn to class were it not extremely impractical to go clomping around campus in 4-inchers.  I ended up wearing some boring flats.  But a girl can dream.  Picked up the jacket at a vintage store a few years ago and it came complete with the pocket squares!

P.S. is great for getting cheap knock-off shoes. You might have to pick through the blindingly tacky fake suede boots in rainbow colors but there are some real finds on there.

Jacket-vintage, tank- H&M, belt(worn backwards)- vintage, jeans-Seven4AllMankind, silver cuff- Forever21, Platforms-

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Purple Tights, Jimenez

New addition to lust list: A pair of magenta/grape colored tights. I love how Lauren wore hers with darker purple flats.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Old school

Recently I've felt like I have split fashion personalities. On the one hand, I love dressing in all black with "fetish" heels and on the other, I dress a little like a 40's school girl/nerd. Now if i'll only go to class...

I'm currently lusting after these over the knee chinese laundry boots and these knock-off Balmains.  Not sure which will be my first purchase but I'm trying my hardest to restrain myself :)

Blazer- Forever 21(from highschool), Blouse- Vintage, Belt- Vintage, cuff- H&M, Skirt- Forever 21, Leg Warmers- London Bridge, Oxford flats-

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fur Neck Thing

This faux fur neck (insert correct word) is something I wasn't ballsy enough to wear in high school and shoved to the back of my closet.  This season there were so many furry vests and jacket linings on the runways that I thought it appropriate to bring it back.  I got some odd stares from the moms in my precinct when I wore this to cast my ballot for Obama (WOOOOO!).  It's so warm I could care less!

Faux fur neck wrap - Gap, Black motorcycle jacket - To the Max! (also from highschool), Gray sheer tunic - Target, Studded belt - vintage, Silver cuff - Forever 21, Black tights - Forever 21, Satin flats - Nine West.

First Post With New Camera

Finally got a chance to take some pics with the new camera (I misplaced it after move-out last spring. I know I'm bad!)  Anyway, I lovvvee it! La Terpette has a new look as well and the layout is still a work in progress.  I ordered these oxfords about a month ago off and they're my new favorites. Seriously. I wear them with everything. This sweater is an old one from junior year of high school that I must have worn only once but I have resurrected it and its mustard-and-relish glory.  The one thing this outfit is missing is a good pair of nerdy glasses.

P.S. Is anybody particularly skilled at HTML? I need to get my blog header to scoot about 2 mm to the right.