Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moran "Ughs", The Diamondback

Remember my first post on a certain Harry C. Moran? He's the brave soul who wore skinny white jeans (on a campus where few girls dare to wear them) and whom I compared to a look Victoria Beckham wore.  If  you don't remember, then here's that landmark first photo:

Well, seems Moran has written a witty guest editorial piece for The Diamondback called "Fashion Foward" that bemoans a perceived lack of style amongst University of Maryland's on-campus residents. This excerpt made me laugh:

"A common outfit for many girls -- when I see more than 15 people sporting a number of the same things, I call it common -- I saw during the mild winter we enjoyed was almost enough to lead me to projectile vomiting in hopes that it would destroy those clothes.  It consisted of (from head to toe) Chanel sunglasses, always the same make, black with the white double "C" on either side, then a bland, unexciting and utterly simple The North Face jacket, followed by their hands, where a Coach or Vera Bradley bag would hang limply on their wrists.  Every visible curve of their legs would be exposed because of the black tights pressed around their legs and then -- I'm sure you can guess this, the pièce de résistance -- the UGGs.  And that's a perfect way to end it: Ugh."

You can view the full text article here

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