Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Biker Hippie

My dad may have cut his hair a long time ago (he's pretty much bald now) but his old, worn in tie-die shirt serves as a reminder of days when love was free and men wore polyester bell bottom pants.  I first wore it in elementary school with a pair of denim street-sweepers and went around throwing up peace signs. Somehow I still managed to have friends. 

These knit pants from Forever21 are my solution to the leggings-as-pants debate. They have butt pockets! They are stretchy, comfortable and warm but have just enough give so that if you are like me (bigger on the bottom) they flatter and don't make you look, in the nicest way possible, quite so hooch. 

Blazer- H&M, Scarf- Thrifted, Shirt- dad's from the 70's, knit pants- forver21.com, boots-urban orginal

1 comment:

Lida said...

Omg I love it!! Love the shoes, love the ring, love the t-shirt (where can I get me one of those - haha jk i know its from the legit 60s...), oh and I also like the leggings!!

And best of all I love your writing, you little journalist-at-heart you ;)