Monday, December 15, 2008

Red Suede Sunday



Every Sunday I get this urge to go thrifting, kind of like some people like to take a long walk 
in the park or go out to brunch at IHOP.  Usually I'm able to fight it, but yesterday was one of 
those  mornings where I just had to give in.  Wore this thrifted red suede jacket (the black trim 
and design on the back is suede as well).  I'm not sure why people like to hate on shoulder pads, 
but I'm actually a fan.  Then I headed over to Maggiano’s with Alejandra for her office Xmas party 
where we stuffed our faces and I stained my dress a little… I should never be allowed to wear white around food.

jacket-thrifted, scarf-thrifted, white tunic- Gallo Clothing,, Suede booties- Rugged Wearhouse

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Lida said...

this is my favorite outfit yet!